2003 – Portfolio #6

Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?     – Andy Warhol

Portfolio Six was published in November of 2003 by students enrolled in NPF 548: Movements and Issues in Contemporary Photography. Released in a limited edition of 55 copies, it contains original work and artist statements by class members and this year is published on the web for the first time.

For the past several years this course has been taught as an ideas workshop about the nature of contemporary photographic practice. Portfolio One, the first in an ongoing series of limited-edition portfolios containing original work and writing, was proposed and designed by course participants during the fall term of the 1998-99 academic year. Its success was immediate, and it established what has now become a tradition: each year, students select a personal image to publish in portfolio form and write an accompanying Artist Statement. The image and writing together represent a collective class response to topics explored and critical directions identified during the term.

Portfolio logo and graphics, as well as the web site itself, were designed by Justin Broadbent; all text editing was by Alexandra Oliver. The introductory quotation (from Andy Warhol) was researched by Nancy Sicchia; portfolio  sequencing was completed by Tessa Angus, Thomas Blanchard, Karen Brockest, Cosima Greco and Erin Peck, with assistance from Maya-Rose La Blance and Graydon Sheppard. Design ideas were contributed by Karen Brockest, Michael Kim, Aaron Phelan and Ryan Price. Kristy Walter assisted with proofreading; Lauren Stryer provided darkroom assistance; Sandy Sparks provided financial coordination. Additional production tasks involved assistance from Jesse Boles, Lindsay Jonkers, and Kathleen Murphy. Digital output was done at the School’s Photographic Imaging Centre under the supervision of Prof. W. Pittendreigh, and a financial contribution from Prof. D. Dickinson assisted with publication.

All production work, including printing, design, sequencing, text editing and digital pages, is done by class members.

Grateful acknowledgement is made to all these individuals, for their faith in the project and their contributions to it. The Portfolio would not exist without the contributions of all class members, and thanks are extended to each one for their work, represented here in a universally-accessible format.