1999 – Portfolio #2

Portfolio Two continued and developed the idea of producing a limited-edition portfolio of student work and writing to reflect the issues addressed in the upper-level elective course NPF 548, Movements and Issues in Contemporary Photography. Forty-three students from all three production options in Image Arts participated in the making of this project, including current Image Arts faculty members David Kemp and Annie MacDonell.

Each student contributed an original image, in either photographic or digital format, and wrote a descriptive statement about the making of their selected image in relation to their larger artistic practice and their understanding of contemporary theory. Excerpts from each statement were printed alongside a thumbnail image in the introductory pages of the portfolio, and original prints were made for each portfolio set. Each student kept one copy; additional copies were archived in the School of Image Arts, Special Collections in the Ryerson Library, and the Mira Godard Study Centre, now part of the Peter Higdon Research Centre at the Ryerson Image Centre. A full set of artist statements was bound separately and included as part of each portfolio.

Participants whose work is reproduced in the downloadable pdf include Arseni Riajski, Danielle Bleackley, David Kemp, Erin Wendel and Aristea Rizakos, among others.