2012 – The Present: We Will Worry About Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Three photographers – Brett Gundlock, Eugen Sakhnenko and Andrew Williamson – challenged themselves and their colleagues to make photographs in real time: to document the present, between May 27 and June 2; to exhibit the work, between June 23 and June 30; to publish a catalogue, released when the show opens; and to worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

Twenty photographers contributed images, from Toronto, London, Ottawa, Waterloo; Quebec and Vancouver; New York; Somalia and Ukraine. After sequencing and catalogue design, the image files were uploaded to MagCloud, and printed overnight.

Originating with and tied to time and place, the photographs show much that transcends time and place: waiting and watchfulness, intimacy and isolation, closeness and solitude, public gesture and private reflection, celebration and loss; abandonment, departure, expectation or apprehension. Most images are full of light, and the catalogue has a remarkable unity: like any good documentary work, it engages with what is seen, and constantly reflects a concern for the human condition.

Looking at these photographs over time, the viewer may also begin to experience something else: a quality of keen insight and a sense of deep thoughtfulness, which seem imbedded in every image and expressed on every page. The title enjoins us to worry about tomorrow, tomorrow – yet in many pictures, tomorrow is already beginning to appear.

Don Snyder